Bhojpuri song by Malini Awasthi, Reliya Bairan

Malini Awasthi is a student of Srimati Girija Devi, and specialises in folk music from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. रेलिया बैरन पिया को लिये जाय रे, this song is a catharsis for millions of migrants from villages and small towns of Uttar Pradesh, Madhya

29 October, 2014

Vrindavan bhajan for Sri Radha Rani

माना कि मैं पतित बहुत हूं, हौ पतित पावन तेरो नाम, लाड़ली श्री राधे किशोरी मेरी श्री राधे, लाड़ली श्री राधे, स्वामिनी श्री राधे Feeling grateful for the oral traditions of India :) My heritage.

23 March, 2014

    Is this a dream