What are the Signs of Love?

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji, signs of love

When you love someone, you want to see them always happy and you want them to have the best.

03 July, 2015

Devotion, prayer and being connected

In devotion to God there are three things: Stuti (praise), upasana (being connected) and prathana (prayer).Praising the qualities of God, meaning viewing the wonderful creation of God and being wonderstruck by it. To realize the presence of a

23 November, 2011

Devotion is your nature

Devotion is abiding in your own nature; like the sweetness cannot leave sugar, the coolness cannot leave ice; the nature to flow does not leave water right! Similarly devotion is your nature it won’t leave you. ~ Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

20 November, 2011

Devotion overcomes failure

Even if we experience failure a hundred times, we have to keep fighting. It is through devotion that the task gets done easily without any obstruction. ~ Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

18 November, 2011


Never ask for more devotion; know it is there. Wanting more is an obstacle! ~ Sri Sri

18 November, 2011

The love of one who is so centered

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar playing the Veena

Q: What is Divine Love? Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: There is a love in which respect is not lost in spite of intense intimate love, the love of one who is so centered. The more you go near Krishna, the more you go near Buddha, the more you go near Jesus,

25 October, 2011

Upcoming festivals in India, Late November 2010

Indian month of Marg Shirsh begins. Krishna says in Gita: ‘Among months, I am the month of Marg Shirsha.’ This is also the month when Gopis of Vrindavan had performed Divine Mother Katyayni’s worship on the banks of River Yamuna, with a prayer to

15 November, 2010

Braj ke dohe, sawaiya, 47 of 144, Literature from Vrindavan

‘रसखान’ विलोकत बौरी भई दृग मूंदि के ग्वाल पुकारि हंसीहै। खोलरी घूंघट खोलू कहा वह मूरति नैनन मांझ बसी है॥४७॥ Bhakti poet, Raskhan says: ‘Krishna is so attractive…He has a peacock feather tucked in his turban. His face is powdered with dust that

16 October, 2010

    The Law of Dharma