Unveil Thy Face

Who art Thou that walkest before me and behind me And in the hour of sleep standest in watch beside me? Wilt Thou not unveil Thy face whose love hath already made me captive? Freely I am bound to Thee; Freely do I remain bound; For Thou hast

13 June, 2014


Thou art born of Spirit, Not created by thought, Nor moulded by fancies, Thou divine spark of unfathomed origin! As vision Thou enterest in the heart of the prophet; In the soul of the poet Thou dwellest as raptures of inspiration; And in the

11 June, 2014

Fire Of Truth – Part 2

Disciple Compassionate Sire, what nature is this fire Teach me how to kindle it. Master It is flame, without smoke; It burns without fuel, save what is not visible to the eyes. It burns in the mouth of the wise. It dwells in heart of

06 June, 2014

Fire of Truth

Master When the Fire of Truth burns in the heart, It purifies the heart. When its spark comes out of tongue, It is vibrant with life. Lo, it falls upon the ear that is not closed to the subtle, spiritual sound, like far-distant music,

03 June, 2014

Tranquil Harmony

Covet not pleasure. Shrink not from pain. Stand firm on the balancing rod of life. He who seeketh pleasure can ne’er escape pain; For they are coupled,- the inseparable twins. Let thy soul live in tranquil harmony Amid pleasure and amid pain.

31 May, 2014


Love! Great immensity! Unfathomed mystery! Sacred current of life! Vibrant resplendent flame that burneth eternally, Consuming all our imperfections, Healing all our wounds, And bestowing peace upon our turbulent heart! Hail to Thee, Thou

29 May, 2014

Rhythm of Life

~ Swami Paramananda Walk in the rhythm of life; Your limbs will not tire. Sing with the rhythm of life; Your voice will gain sweetness. Your feet will not touch the ground. Breathe in rhythm. Think in rhythm. Talk in rhythm. Walk in rhythm.

27 May, 2014

In Oblation

~ Swami Paramananda Be not offended if my mortal hand Lacketh  grace to offer Thee oblation Yet this hand is Thy gift Sanctified by Thy touch. I will use it humbly And lift this offering of love to Thy feet. I will cherish my mind For

25 May, 2014

Life never runs with perfect smoothness, so…


Life never runs with perfect smoothness, so we need to place ourselves under higher protection. The whole spiritual life is based on unselfishness, in being and becoming something other than the little self.

31 October, 2010

To the real reality


When we are able to make God a living Presence in our life, then His light will shed its radiance even in the hours of darkness and sadness.

31 July, 2010

    Pink Cosmos, Mexican Aster