Can marriages take place within the same Gotra?

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Answers

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Ji: This time when I went to Haryana, I met some scientists who had done some good research which showcased how their genes were so good because they did not marry within the same Gotra. They demonstrated how maximum medals in

13 June, 2015

Don’t try to get over the misunderstanding

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

To improve family relations you need two things - No Explanations and No Complaints. That’s it. Got it? Asking explanation from others is a foolish thing. And explaining to others thinking they would understand is another foolish thing. It

21 July, 2012

What is my duty?

Duty is what your heart tells you, when you feel ‘This is what I have to do.’ Expectation is what others want you to do. Have a balance between the two. Sometimes you can fulfill the expectations of others, but your duties are what you need to be

15 July, 2012


Once, this lady in America was telling that she has been married for 40 years and she has been living with the same husband. The other people present were wonder-struck at how she was living with the same man for 40 years. Then she said if you don’t

18 November, 2011

Is it love

Q: Whenever I see a good looking girl, I find myself in love. Is that love or infatuation? Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: Well, time will tell you! First, find out whether they are in love with you or not. If that matches, it is a different story. If it

22 October, 2011

Meaning of Diwali

“A single lamp is not enough, and we have to light the lamp in every field. Let the light shine on spiritual, social, financial and all other fields -- this is the message for Diwali." Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, founder of The Art of Living,

22 October, 2011

Whoever you think of, you imbibe their qualities

Remove all anger and attachment from your mind so that the mind is unburdened; because whoever you think of, you imbibe their qualities. So empty your mind through meditation. Be in knowledge of the Self and you will begin to feel light and happy.

22 October, 2011

Response to feeling hurt

Maitri, Karuna, Mudita and Upeksha are the 4 satva increasing behavioural responses in relationaships, according to Patanjali Yogasutra. Deepak has put it very simply in the above quote. Matri and Karuna are advised here.

26 October, 2010

What is enlightenment?