Supreme grace is all-pervading, indwelling and ever-present. It manifests within as right enquiry and right discrimination. When you are in great extremity, suddenly an idea flashes in your heart: “This is what I must do at this moment.” This is

10 July, 2011

Solution to the ‘No solution’

When we see that God alone is, surrender, leave everything in His hands. Then the "no solution" situation vanishes, for you have found a solution. Surrendering everything to God becomes the ultimate best solution. For then you are free from the

28 May, 2011

We shouldn’t deny ourselves our birth right


We have been given the right to divinity by the very fact of our human status. But if we do not claim this birth right, we cannot expect someone else to claim it for us. No one denies it to you. You deny it to yourself

26 April, 2011

This New Year

Happy New Year

Begin the New Year by lifting up your heart, mind, and your entire being to God and asking Him earnestly and sincerely that the New Year may be an ideal year filled with 365 ideal,golden days divinely lived, filled with truthfulness,compassion,

01 January, 2011

Worst type of non theism


When we saw we believe in God and yet live in a way as though He does not exist, as though He is not present, then this is the worst type of non theism.

18 November, 2010

It is not religion. It is delusion


If your religion has not made you selfless, sympathetic, serviceful and sacrificing - then bundle it up and through it into the sea. It is not religion. It is delusion. Start anew and begin to become truly religious.

29 October, 2010

Life is time!

Your life is nothing but the time you've got

Your life is nothing but the time you got. A waste of time is destruction of life. Time well and wisely spent is life grandly lived. Life is time!

25 August, 2010

It is the state of our Mind


It is the state of our mind that makes our happiness or unhappiness. If that inner state is adjusted and corrected, then nothing has the power to give us any experience except that which we give it.

21 August, 2010

How can you love God?

Kailash Mansarovar

If you cannot love your brother whom you have seen,how can you love God whom you have never seen ?

17 July, 2010

Eternal relationship


Whether we want it or not, we have a relationship with that Being who ultimately is our only resort.

23 April, 2010

    Sri Sri Ravi Shankar in China on Sharad Purnima 2010