Chaiti song by Malini Awasthi, Raat Hum Dekhile Sapanwa

राति हम देखीले सपनवा, हो रामा, पिया घर अईले

इक छन बीतल, बोलत…

हाथ खियावत पनवा, हो रामा, पिया घर अईले

शामदास चाहे गरवा लगावन,

खुल गईल पलक नयनवा, हो रामा, पिया घर अईले

Chaiti is folk genre, sung in March, the month of Chaitra, and is about love and longing. Malini Awasthi is a student of epic singer Srimati Girija Devi who is a master of Chaiti and Kajari.

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