The perennial sound of the Ganges leads you to meditation

30 July, 2011

Learning or Imitation?


Much of the so-called learning process we go through is mere imitation. We imitate each other and think we are learning. we have not let our intuitive knowledge come forward and be useful in our daily lives.

08 December, 2010

Awareness of death improves quality of life

All of life's events try to teach that out of death comes life. ~ Swami Rama Awareness of death improves quality of life. ~ heard it first from Anand Rajendran ji

08 October, 2010

Who needs holistic health

swami rama

The basis of holistic health lies in understanding the purpose of life and learning how to achieve that purpose. ~ Swami Rama

04 June, 2010

How to go beyond the thinking mind

Breathing exercises, pranayam, sudarshan kriya, and total devotion to the divine are tested methods to go beyond the chaos and conflicts of the thinking mind :-)

10 April, 2010

When will I be free of fear

"The day you come to know that the Lord is within, you will be free from fear." ~ Swami Rama

07 April, 2010

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