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Ayurveda for anti-aging

Age is just a number, if we understand the concept Ayurvedically. Bharat Savur, co-author of the book ‘Fitness for Life’ explains:

‘Ageing is an unnatural process, declares Ayurveda.’

‘The evidence is compelling: protons, neutrons, electrons, our DNA, electricity — all the things that constitute and run our body — do not age. Therefore, the body cannot age.’

Makes sense alright, but then we do age, and the symptoms are very real…

‘Explains Ayurveda, all these symptoms are due to pragya aparadh — erroneous thinking.’

‘As the Buddha warned, ‘The mind is everything; what you think, you become.’ Sad, fearful, angry thoughts sink into the smriti (memory) of the cell and damage its natural, healing intelligence and skills. Peaceful, cheerful, contented thoughts preserve and stimulate the cells’ memory of wholeness and enable it to take timely corrective measures.’ More...

Tere Ishq nachaya - Bulle Shah

Punjabi, Sufi singer Master Saleem from the house of Puran Shah Koti (Jullundhar) singing during his Toronto tour; accompanied by Paramjit Hans.
The song Tere Ishq nachaya is a rendition of Sufi saint Baba Bulle Shah.
Tere Ishq nachaya... Lyrics

Mere nak vich nathani te tan ute ghaghari
Te kanna cha pa deyo dandiya
Bulle Shah Mai yaar manana
Paahve log udaave bhandiyan

Tere Ishq nachaya kar ke thaiya thaiya
Peera mai bhul gaiya tere naal na gaiya More...

Kerala Ayurveda

Ayurveda, a medical system developed by Rishis like Charaka and Sushruta ages ago, has been languishing after the onslaught of modern medicine until foreign visitors to India discovered its healing power.

Over the past few years stressed out tourists have been flocking to the state of Kerala, where ayurveda has kept alive; increasing its popularity, demand and business potential.

Kerala Vaidyashala has its roots in Aluva near Kochi, where Harshjeet and Vishwajeet's father Ramachandran Kuroop practiced ayurveda. In the late nineties, the sons expanded by setting up a chain of therapy centres.More...

Goa planning a spruce up?

India’s most popular tourist destination these days is pitted against Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore and Sri Lanka, which are preferred destinations for many international tourists. Goa is now looking for private players to develop projects on a public-private partnership (PPP) model.

“We need to create better facilities and provide more than just beaches for tourists. If anybody has an idea, then I invite them to come and talk to the government. We are keen to develop such facilities,” said minister for tourism Francisco Xavier Pacheco. This includes a proposal to set up amusement parks, a golf course and even promote medical tourism, all of which attract a holidaymaker to come again to Goa.More...

Shovana Narayan's kathak - Yudhishthir and Draupadi

Yudhisthar and Draupadi

The dance-theatre 'Yudhishtir and Draupadi' has been performed several times, not only in Delhi but also in Nepal, Punjab and Kerala. It has won raving reviews all over. This production, even though based on an event in one of our great epics, 'The Mahabharata', yet is so contemporary, as it explores various facets of human nature. It could be the story of any person; it could be articulating the innate unsaid feelings of a person. It makes a person think, laugh, sympathize, enjoy but above all …..  it talks about relationships which are eternal  ….  traditional yet so very modern! More...

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