How to boost immunity in High Schoolers to combat COVID in July 2020

Yoga-based Life Skills for Teens’ Resilience, The Art of Living’s Online Medha Yoga Level 1 for Teenagers

Invest in your child's ability to respond to challenges.

Register them for The Art of Living's Medha Yoga Level 1, Yoga based Life Skills Workshop with Swati Sharma and Anisha Sharma

Online Teens’ Seminar for mind-body fitness!

Medha Yoga Level 1 (the popular YES! Youth Empowerment Seminar)

For students of classes 8 to 12 (or age 13-18 years):

29-31 July, 2020: 4-6 p.m. IST

INR 1000

Monthly Online Followup and 24 hour Mobile App Support

Register @


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No wonder I felt I was wasting my time at school...