God is the power due of which everything happens

Q: Why God?
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: Why not God? Why would you ask this question if there was no God. What will you say if a wave questions the existence of God? A wave exists because of the presence of ocean. Because of whose presence you are standing, you think, you listen, you understand, you breathe – that only is God. Who is God? God is not sitting somewhere up in the sky. God is the power due of which everything happens.

(The person still holds on to his question)

Ok! Do one thing. Drop all your concepts of God. First, find out who you are? Who is asking this question? If you find out that, the purpose is solved.

I will tell you a story. Once a man went to Lord Buddha and asked, “I don’t believe in God, Why God?

Lord Buddha said, “Ok! You are right”. The man went back happily. A second man came and said, “I believe in God”, to which Lord Buddha again said, “Ok, You are right”. That man also went back happily. Then, a third man came who very humbly requested, “Please answer this question. Some people say that there is no God. When I listen to their logic, I get convinced. But when I listen to saints, I feel that God exists. Now, I am in confusion. I am not able to understand whether God exists or not. I have not experienced God. Please, you tell me.”

Then Lord Buddha said to that person that he was at the right place and he should stay there. He continued to say that he didn’t have any preconceived notions of God in his mind, and they would together find out if God is there or not. Perturbed mind can never go close to God. Also no knowledge sprouts up in a perturbed mind, and whatever knowledge sprouts up in such a state of mind is also wrong. So, I say let’s be calm. You have come to the right place. Drop your concepts of God. Sit with your eyes closed and find out who you are. Are you this body? Are you this mind? Are you your thoughts? ‘I am something beyond my thoughts also’ – When you experience this, the truth will automatically dawn.

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