Sri Banke Bihari ji ke sawaiya, 22 of 144

दीन दयाल सुने जब ते, तब ते मन में कछु ऐसी बसी है ।
तेरो कहाय के जाऊँ कहाँ, तुम्हरे हित की कटि फेंट कसी है ॥
तेरो ही आसरो एक ‘मलूक’, नहीं प्रभु सो कोऊ दूजो जसी है ।
ए हो मुरारी पुकारि कहूँ, अब मेरी हँसी नहिं तेरी हँसी है ॥

In this sawaiya verse, Malook says to Krishna:

Ever since I’ve heard of your merciful nature, I have surrendered myself to you. Now that I am yours, I am not going to anyone else for help. My surrender to you is total. I depend on you. There is none other as famous as you. Murari, if you don’t answer my prayer, I am not at a loss, it is your fame that you are jeopardising :-)

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