Cheers to Grape juice for health

Grape juice can help avert heart disease. While red wine in moderation is said to relax blood vessels and increase HDL levels, the ‘good cholesterol. Grape juice also has resveratrol and flavonoids which make red wine therapeutic. Especially the juice from red and purple Concord grapes. Ayurvedic wines like Draksha-aristha use grape juice as their base.

Studies say that grape juice can reduce the risk of blood clots and prevent LDL (bad cholesterol) from sticking to coronary arteries, among other cardiac benefits. But beware – some varieties of tetrapacked grape juice contain sugar and artificial additives.

A study conducted at the University of Wisconsin looked at the effects of two servings of Concord grape juice a day in 15 people with coronary artery disease. After two weeks, the subjects had improved blood flow and reduced oxidation of LDL. Oxidized LDL can damage arteries.

Other studies in humans and animals, including one in the journal ‘Atherosclerosis’, show that daily consumption may lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

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