Negative thoughts poison life

Smiley Ball

thoughts of cheerfulness, joy and courage, heal soothe, instead of irritating, and immensely augment efficiency and multiply the mental powers. Be always cheerful. Smile. Laugh.

12 August, 2009

Watch your mind


Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people. ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

17 July, 2009

How can I quiet my mind?

how can i quiet my mind

“Your meditational method should be completely systematic, and you should discipline your body and breath and mind and it will become quiet. ...I am explaining why students cannot meditate.” ~ Swami Rama

09 July, 2009

Overcoming FEAR, the procedure


One who is afraid of walking in darkness should try to get rid of this defect by taking a light in the beginning and walking in the night, and slowly trying to walk without light also. Fear will vanish in course of time. Fear is a negative force. It

28 May, 2009

Regain creativity


When you release your emotional turbulence, the internal noise that has been preoccupying your mind will become quiet and you will be able to hear the music once again. ~ Dr David Simon

07 May, 2009

संकल्प का क्या महत्व है, और इसे कैसे शक्तिशाली बनायें