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Where is the Scorpion?


Someone noticed a scorpion outside the office. A few visitors crowded round the insect. One wanted it to be killed: another was too compassionate to allow that and said: ‘Cut its tail and let it go.’

Siva heard this: ‘Cut whose tail? The scorpion’s? But, why don’t you cut your tongue? Man’s tongue is more poisonous than the scorpion’s tail. See: the scorpion will not sting a man unless the man places his foot on it or in some way, intentionally or unintentionally, tries to harm it.

But look at man himself. Without any provocation whatsoever, he will go out of his way and abuse someone, ridicule someone, vilify someone, injure someone. Man’s tongue is much worse than the scorpion’s sting.’

Everyone was thrilled to listen to this inspired talk. And the scorpion (perhaps heaving a sigh of relief at Siva’s advocacy of its cause) went its own way.

 Swami Sivananda

Inspiring Talks of Gurudev Sivananda, Chronicler: Swami Venkatesananda

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