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Sri Banke Bihari ji ke sawaiya, 3 of 144


जै जै मचों ब्रज में चहूँ ओर, ते बोल रहे नर नारी जौ जै जै ।
जै जै कहें सब देब विमानन, ब्रह्मा त्रिलोचन बोलत जै जै ॥
जै जै कहें भृगु व्यास परासर, बोल रहे सनकादिक जै जै ।
जै जै ‘छबीले’ रँगीले रसीले की, बोलो श्रीबाँकेबिहारी की जै जै ॥

Verses for Sri Banke Bihari of Vrindavan written by by Bhakti era poet Chabeele.

Zinnias in bloom

Zinnias make sturdy plants in a North Indian garden. Despite the hot summer, these flowers do well in beds. And rich colours, chrome, ochre, mauve, pink, violet, carmine, vermillion, you name it…

Bougainvillea alongside train tracks :-)


They grow everywhere: highway dividers, landscaped gardens, household pots, as a climber against the boundary wall…

And alongside railway tracks :) The train ride between Agra and Mathura is a colourful splash because of these. Well, yes, the green fields and shady groves on the way also provide interesting colour, but bougainvilleas absolutely find me rushing to the window to catch that racing patch of fuchsia pink or chrome yellow as the case may be. More...

Spring in Bangalore – Jacaranda

Spring in Bangalore is a mixed bag. Flowers everywhere, yes, correct. Roads are strewn with blue jacaranda, and plenty of un-knowable flowers. Unknowable because I don't know their names :-)

That was the good part. Now for the scorching days and cool nights, one never knows when to keep warm and when to shed the socks, sweater et al. Now that takes a toll on health. Sudden changes usually do that. More...

Guava tree in bloom


Guava tree in bloom

Guava trees are the star attraction in our garden for monkeys, birds, squirrels and kids. The monsoon fruit is not as sweet as the winter fruit, nonetheless, those eying the fruit couldn't care less!

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