Detox regimen with attention to food

avoid processed food

Avoid refrigerated, processed, artificially colored, canned and chemically preserved foods as far as you can. They increases ama or toxic undigested matter in the physiology, tax the body's agni or digestive fire, lack vitality and do not stimulate your Sattva.

Eat vegetarian food. Light foods such as fresh vegetables, milk, fruits, most grains, split or whole mung dal and almonds increase calmness, clarity and creativity of the mind-in other words, they enhance Sattva.

Use Ghee as your medium of cooking. Ghee is clarified butter, free of milk solids, proteins and water. It has amazing nutritive and medicinal qualities, besides being extremely flavorful and aromatic. Its penetrative qualities make it an excellent medium for aiding the absorption of nutrients by the body, while also lubricating the tissues.


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