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These are all natural treatments for diabetes

‘Venkataramaniji, I wanted to teach you some Asans and Kriyas before you go.’ So saying, Siva got out of his seat and met Sri K.S.V. half-way. And, unceremoniously Siva sat on the ground where he thought fit! Then he started demonstrating Asans to the astonishment of Sri K.S.V. and Sri R.V. Sastriji. ‘This is Uddiyana Bandha. Pumping it quickly, it becomes Agnisara kriya. These two act as natural insulin. The pancreatic secretion is increased. This is Maha Mudra. Just bend and try to touch the knee with your nose. It is not necessary that you should actually do so,—a mere effort is sufficient. And, this is Paschimottanasan. These are all natural treatments for diabetes. You can do them just for a few minutes every day.’

~ Inspiring talks of Gurudev Sivananda by Swami Venkatesananda

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