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Nature, the divine connection

Surendra Pal shares his observation on the spiritual connection we have with nature:

Divine nature

Human beings have been drawing spiritual inspiration from nature. This has been going on for ages. According to Buddhist philosopher and photographer Daisaku Ikeda, the response to nature's beauty is not merely aesthetic but reflects also the ability to discern a deeper meaning and interconnectedness in things.

By observing an ordinary flower and pondering over its beauty, one could feel inspired to try and unravel the mystery of creation. For hasn't Keats said that "Beauty is truth, truth beauty. That is all ye know on earth, and all ye need to know."

To feel love and compassion for all, observe nature with totality of mind without getting affected by previously constructed images, opinions or past knowledge. Look around to observe things as if you are seeing them for the first time. Become one with the object of observation.

The sun provides light and warmth irrespective of who benefits from it. Clouds, rivers, mountains and jungles follow the same example of universal love.

Trees provide the shade, fruits and flowers with the same unattached benevolence for all. They do not demand favours in return. The earth matures seeds into plants irrespective of who planted the seeds or who will benefit from them. This truly is like a mother's love for her children. A mother loves all her children and is forgiving even when some are the cause of hurt.

Divine feelings generated by experiences close to nature compel one to ponder over the meaning of life and our place in the universe. This creates in us the urge to become one with the Divine to experience eternal bliss.

Live with nature, love nature, protect nature, learn from nature and you will soon rise above all your narrow parochial tendencies. You will become a votary of universal love.

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