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Bangalore summer

Dahlia in bloom

A walk in Richmond Park this summer was more than refreshing. Flowers that we generally find blooming in winter in North India, were all too happily blooming here right now: dahlia, salvia, nasturtium, calendula… Bangalore weather and flora doesn’t stop surprising me!

Happy Navratri to all

namah prakittai bhadraai  niyatah pranatah sma tamYa Devi sarva bhuteshu maatru rupen sansthitha, namastasye, namastasye, namastasye namo namah.

~ excerpt from Durga Saptashati, Markandey Purana, Tantroktam Devi Suktam


The Divine Mother who dwells in all living beings in the form of mother, We bow down to that Mother again and again and again.

How to begin Navratri worship

“The celebration of feminity begins. People relate to Goddesses as SHAKTI but in true sense of the word feminine qualities possess shakti.

Remember, a woman is to be loved and not understood, this is the first understanding. More...

Organize your worldly and spiritual lives, by Swami Rama

Double happiness“We must not create a wall between our worldly and spiritual lives. People disorganized in their worldly life search for spiritual wisdom in seclusion; whereas, if organized properly, they can have all the means and resources that are of utmost importance for spiritual enlightenment. The purpose of human life is to make the best use of the resources that nature or God has given us. More...

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