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What is Sudarshan Kriya?

The entire world is made up of rhythmic vibrations and from these vibrations ambrosia (Amrit) is produced. Through the rhythmic breathing of Sudarshan Kriya we become aware of the rhythm of the soul (Self). It is only through these vibrations that bliss can be awakened ~ Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

What is medical science doing today

What is medical science doing today? Every doctor is sick, and the sick are treating the sick and the whole world is a hospital. I’m telling you, this is true. I’m a medical doctor, I’m telling you this. The blind are leading the blind. Where will they go? They will go to perdition. All are experimenting, nothing is conclusive. That experiment which is accepted today, is discarded tomorrow. Nobody should say I am a scientist and my word is final. There is nothing like final so far. Therefore, we should continue making efforts to reduce suffering and make others comfortable. Somebody asked me why do all these hospitals exist? I said for the sake of hospitality! This is true. And even today we cannot extend our hospitality properly. One doctor goes to a patient with a great love and says, come on, cheer up, I will try my best to help you. And another doctor has no time, he gives pills and goes away. There will be a difference in the outcome between the two. Jar, one of the doctors, said that 50% of the diseases are cured by the way the doctor visits and treats the patient.

But I’m going one step further. I tell you that you are your own doctor. The day you understand it, then you will discover something great.

There are healing potentials within you. You will come in touch with them when you have stopped becoming negative. Negativity is a very dangerous thing, and most of you are negative.

From Conscious Living
By Swami Rama
ISBN 8188157031 (Buy)
ISBN 818815718x (Buy)

January to February 2011, Event Calendar, Art of Living Ashram, Bangalore

Blessing Course: 30th Jan to 1st Feb (English/Hindi)

Vaastu Course: 30th Jan to 5th Feb (English/Hindi)

DSN Course: 3rd Feb to 5th Feb (English/Hindi)

Part 2 with Guruji: 6th Feb to 11th Feb (English/Hindi)

Hindi AMC with Guruji: 6th Feb to 10th Feb (Hindi)

Telugu AMC with Guruji: 6th Feb to 10th Feb (Telugu)

Art Excel Course: 7th Feb to 10th Feb  (English/Hindi)

YES Course: 7th Feb to 10th Feb (English/Hindi)

YES2 Course: 7th Feb to 10th Feb (English/Hindi)

YES!+ Course: 18th Feb to 20th Feb (English/Hindi)

Kannada Part 2 Course: 17th Feb to 20th Feb (Kannada)

Shivratri Spl 7 days Part 2 Course: 28th Feb to 6th Mar (English/Hindi)

Spl Part 2 Course only for AOL Teacher: 6th Mar to 9th Mar (English/Hindi)

Online Special Programs

Vedic Mathematics Level 2 Online Course: 25th Jan to 8th Mar (English) More...

Kannada Rajyotsav special Art of living part 2 course at Bangalore Ashram

It is our pleasure to invite you for the Kannada rajyotsava special   Part ll meditation course  from Oct 28to Oct 31th (Sunday), 2010 at our Bangalore Ashram!

The Art of Living's Part II Course guides one on a journey deeper into one's self.... enabling the spontaneous integration of life with wisdom. Rest and rejuvenate the mind and body in the best way possible.

This Part II is open to all resident Indian nationals (who have completed the Part I course already & are 21 years old).

Earliest Arrival             : Oct 27th (Wednesday)

Course dates               : Oct 28th (Thursday) – Oct 31th (Sunday), 2010

Latest Departure         : Nov 1st by 12 noon, 2010

Medium                       : Kannada More...

Then and now…

2:51 min video


A long time ago, a really long time ago, no (laugh) not that long ago. We don’t know when exactly, we saw the worlds first scientists. These weren't you know typical scientists. They began by letting their mind get very still, and in this quiet space they were able to discover amazing things and discover many secrets about the human body, mind and consciousness. They discovered then that the way we breathe affects the way you feel. And what you eat affects what you think. They noticed that to function well, the mind and memory need rest.  And that, meditation is the deepest rest of all, giving you incredible amounts of energy. They also discovered that experiences can cloud our vision by getting stuck in our minds, meditation can clear them, so hear, see and feel more clearly.

These scientists or seers would compare notes and then share their knowledge with the community. As you know in that time people didn't have Facebook, Twitter and phone, so information spread incredibly slow - from one person to another and from group to group. Over time what the seers have learnt got lost and was misunderstood, until those who have been in the deepest of meditations were able to rediscover the secrets and restore it. Meditation is universal.  Just like you don’t have to be Italian to eat pasta.

Fast forward to the modern day...

People that were searching for deeper meanings of life, travel the globe and learned that some of the greatest seers lived in India. Listened, asked questions and found something important and in doing so they began to share it.

What if everyone could have a more peaceful and clear mind? Can we study less and get better grades? What about run faster, be smarter, better, stronger, wiser? We are all connected. We can create a better world and it starts with something as simple as closing your eyes, meditating and feeling a deeper connection with yourself. When you feel good you treat others around you better and the cycle continues. Who would have thought that the work of  ancient scientists would have the power to transform our world today!

To really open your eyes sometimes you have to close them.

To dive deeper this is

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Hace mucho tiempo, hace muchísimo tiempo, no se ríen () no hace tanto tiempo. No sabemos cuándo exactamente, vimos los primeros científicos mundos. No eran ustedes saben los científicos típico. Comenzaron por dejar que su mente se ponen muy quieto y tranquilo en este espacio fueron capaces de descubrir cosas asombrosas y descubrir muchos secretos sobre el cuerpo humano, la mente y la conciencia. Descubrieron entonces que la forma en que respiramos afecta la manera en que se siente. Y lo que usted come afecta lo que piensas. Se dieron cuenta de que para funcionar bien, la mente y el resto necesita memoria. Y eso, la meditación es el más profundo de todos los demás, dándole una increíble cantidad de energía. También descubrieron que las experiencias pueden nublar nuestra visión se queda pegada en nuestra mente, la meditación puede eliminarlas, por lo que oír, ver y sentir con más claridad.
Estos científicos o videntes que comparar notas y compartir sus conocimientos con la comunidad. Como usted sabe, en aquel entonces la gente no tenía Facebook, Twitter y teléfono, así que la información lleguen increíblemente lento - de una persona a otra y de un grupo a otro. Con el tiempo lo que los videntes han aprendido perdido e incomprendido era, hasta aquellos que han estado en lo más profundo de las meditaciones fueron capaces de descubrir los secretos y restaurarla. La meditación es universal. Al igual que usted no tiene que ser italiano para comer pasta.
Un avance rápido hasta la actualidad ...
Las personas que estaban en busca de significados más profundos de la vida, viajar por el mundo y se enteró de que algunos de los grandes videntes vivió en la India. Escuchó, hizo preguntas y se encontró algo importante y, al hacerlo, comenzó a compartirlo.
¿Qué pasa si todo el mundo podía tener una mente más tranquila y clara? ¿Podemos estudiar menos y obtener mejores calificaciones? ¿Qué hay de correr más rápido, más inteligente, mejor, más fuerte, más sabio? Todos estamos conectados. Podemos crear un mundo mejor y comienza con algo tan simple como cerrar los ojos, meditar y sentir una conexión más profunda con uno mismo. Cuando te sientes bien tratas a los demás a su alrededor una mejor y el ciclo continúa. ¿Quién hubiera pensado que el trabajo de los antiguos científicos tendrían el poder de transformar nuestro mundo de hoy!
Para realmente abrir los ojos a veces hay que cerrarlas.
Para bucear más profundo esta es

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