Super consciousness is God

Jesus the Christ

The Super consciousness is God, is beyond speech, beyond thought, beyond consciousness… There are three states brutality (Tamas), Humanity (Rajas), and divinity (Sattva). Those attaining the highest state simply are. Duty dies there; only love and as a magnet draw others to them. This is freedom. No more you do moral acts, but whatever you do is moral. The Brahmavit (knower of God) is higher than all gods. The angels came to worship Jesus when he had conquered delusion and he said ‘Get thee behind me Satan’ None can help a Brahmavit, the universe itself bows down before him. His every desire is fulfilled, his spirit purifies others; therefore worship the Brahmavit if you wish to attain the highest. When we have the three great ‘gifts of God’, a human body. intense desire to be free and help of a great soul to show us the way then liberation is certain for us. Mukti is ours.

Swami Vivekananda

~ Swami Vivekananda


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