Sri Banke Bihari ji ke sawaiya, 30 of 144, Straight from a Gopi’s heart


सुन्दर मूरति दृष्टि परी तब ते जिय चंचल होय रहा है।

सोच सकोच सभी जो मिटे अरु बोल कुबोल सभी जो सहा है॥

रैन दिना मोहि चैन न आवति, नैनन सों जल जात बहा है।

तापै कहैं सखि लाज करौ अब लागि गई तब लाज कहा है॥

In this Braj sawaiya verse, the poet pens a Gopi’s state of mind on seeing Krishna:

The Gopi shares, “I am restless ever since I’ve seen Krishna. All my thoughts and conflicts are gone. All the good and bad things that people have ever said to me have disappeared from my mind. Now I shed tears of longing for Krishna. Every day and night this longing is with me. My friends say, ‘Have some shame.’ And I answer, ‘Love for Krishna has overwhelmed me so completely that there is no place for shame.’”

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