In Life ALL 3 is Essential... Meditation, Music, Knowledge(wisdom)

‪#‎SriSriExpress‬ wen Reaches TODAY At Tirupati !!

## Today we are in a position that every one should wake up !
## Everyone has to wakeup! We cant Sleep any more !
## Wake up to the fact that Divine is watching, we are in the presence of Divinity!
## When we realize we are God ,When this realization is there, corruption wont be there !
## Pra-pancha-World is made of five elements. Divine is present in all five elements.
## When we go to temple we are offered aarti , and then some water , U know... Fire(arti) is element of knowledge,Water-element of Love,Prasadam-elemnt of Earth&Etheral element is mantrochara!
## Religious conversion,I have pity & compassion for them.
They are disrespecting their ancestors, they are not wrong, but ignorant !! And saints are working to stop this ..
## Three things are essential for one to become successful in life- Purity in Heart, Clarity of Thought and Sincerity in action.
## If we are together, we can progress.
"Desh bhakti is Dev Bhakti"
## Its important that you should meditate.
In Life ALL 3 is Essential... 
1) Meditation 2) Music 3) Knwoledge(wisdom)
## When You Go & Surrender to The Divine, U are Crowned ! 
## Surrendering to the highest makes you a perfect human being, perfect King!
## Leaders of society should surrender to God and not to their whims and fancies !!
## Surrendering to highest gives you strength and not surrendering to urself or to ur emotions,whims and fancies !!
## We have to bring laxmi back,All the black money,bck to India. 
## We are sitting on Iron ore, And importing still!! We have Bauxite ore sending it out & Bringing bck?! This all because of this corruptions ! 
## Doctors do Free medical camp for those that need,under Start Volunteering ,vbi(volunteer for the better india-Work 4 VFBI.) Teachers gve education for free to few ! 
## I was passing through ydy & thr is so much barren land, & tht is d main reason for sparse rains & water problems, Also water problems are cause of so many diseases !
## Plant PIPAL trees banyan trees all over Andhra and water problem and rain will be solved!!

Followed By Meditation For 18 minutes With ‪#‎SriSri‬ !!
And Blissfull Mahasatsang !! 

Most of Q/A whr in telugu !
## Read that book "Intimate Note to The Sincere" it has ans to lot of ques Also Youngesters really enjoy Yes!+ They Realise what is the Purpose of life !!
## Q What is good / bad? 
SriSri: that which gives long term pleasure and short term pain is good and viceversa! that Which Gives Happiness to one and Pain to millions is not good, and that which gives happiness to millions with little struggle for one is good !!
Good and bad, day and night are all part of creation ! Its all one, it Advaitam ! 
## Q. Are You An Avtaar of God? Pls provide me Base of scriptures! 
SriSri: Ans in telugu:([We all are brahmaswarupa,prem swarupa?] Live together and Respect Eachother


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