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Narayan Narayan Jai Jai Govind Hare – Art of Living bhajan

This video shows Art of living’s Bangalore ashram.

Lyrics of bhajan: Narayan Narayan Jai Jai Govind Hare

नारायण नारायण, जय जय गोविंद हरे

नारायण नारायण, जय जय गोपाल हरे

जय जय गोविंद हरे, जय जय गोपाल हरे

नारायण नारायण नारायण नारायण नारायण…

Hari Sundar Nand Mukunda – Art of Living bhajan by Rishi Nityapragya

Lyrics of bhajan: Hari Sundar Mukunda, Hari Narayan Om

हरि सुंदर नंद मुकुंदा हरि नारायण ॐ

हरि केशव, हरि गोविंदा, हरि नारायण हरि ॐ

वनमाली, मुरली धारी, गोवर्धन गिरिवर धारी

नित नित कर माखन चोरी, गोपी मन भाये

आओ रे, कान्हा रे, गोकुल के प्यारे

आओ रे, नाचो रे, रास रचाओ रे

हरि सुंदर नंद मुकुंदा हरि नारायण ॐ

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s message of peace on 30 May 2010, after a shootout at his convoy in Bangalore

30th May 2010, Sunday evening at around 6:00 pm, after the public Satsang as Guruji was getting into His car, a shot was fired at Him by an unknown gunman. This shot hit one of the devotees, Vinay on his thigh.

Guruji is completely safe, and Vinay has some injury but is otherwise alright.

Even after this incident, Guruji carried on with His next programs which included appointments in Bangalore city, and another Satsang with the people doing the Ashtavakra Gita Course at the Ashram. It was a rousing, celebrative Satsang, almost no one had any clue about what had happened… until Guruji Himself talked about it.

He said it could have been much worse, that person could have fired several rounds and hurt many people, but by God’s Grace, he fired only one round and made off. When asked whether He would increase security around Himself, he replied that He didn’t like security in between Him and His devotees and almost dismissed off the entire event as a freak incident. He categorically said that He would continue to mixing and mingling with people just like always.

He said we shouldn’t only worry about security at the Ashram, but worry about the condition of our country. This will improve dramatically when many more people tread the path of Spirituality.

Many people have suffered because of violence. We need to drastically strengthen the voice of Non Violence.

He also had a message for the terrorists. He told them, I will welcome you here, sit for a few days in Satsang and see whether you still want to follow the path of violence.

He ended by reassuring everyone, not to panic at all, drop all fear. He said He was not afraid of things like this, and life at ashram would continue as normal.


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