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Human effort

Atlantic OceanWhen you do not use your human effort, yet you believe in God, God says, ‘No. Human effort is a gift given by me. Use it.’

~ Swami Rama

Lectures on Patanjali’s Yogasutra

Why do I get stress


Stress means you are not doing what you are supposed to do. You are doing what you are not supposed to do.

~ Swami Rama

(Lectures on Patanjali’s Yogasutra)

Traversing the path to enlightenment – Swami Rama

2983741910064013859S425x425Q85[1] The aspirant knows that everything in the external world is subject to change. On some level the objects of the world have value and are apparently real, but, in actuality they do not exist as they are. Their form changes, and, therefore their names change and their qualities also change. When an aspirant adjusts himself to this realization, he practices his sadhna by understanding the apparent reality and does not become attached to the phenomenal world or waste his time in acquiring more worldly objects than the bare neccessities.

To have only the bare necessities of life can become a means on the path of enlightenment.

~ Swami Rama

How can I quiet my mind?

how can i quiet my mind

“Your meditational method should be completely systematic, and you should discipline your body and breath and mind and it will become quiet. ...I am explaining why students cannot meditate.”

~ Swami Rama

I see God

God everywhere

My God is in you. If I don’t adore God in you and then go to a temple, that’s all hypocrisy.

~ Swami Rama

Are we learning or imitating


Much of the so-called learning process we go through is mere imitation. We imitate each other and think we are learning. we have not let our intuitive knowledge come forward and be useful in our daily lives ~ Swami Ram

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