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Roadmaps to joy!

That is Siva’s stern advice to one and all.

Put your heart and soul into any work you do: and when you have done it, detach yourself completely and identify yourself with the Atma who is Akarta, Abhokta, Sakshi—that is the golden advice he gives to all Sadhaks. These lessons are worth even the world leaders’ learning.

[Siva = Swami Sivananda]

Forward march

"It is a law of life that in order to step forward, you have to leave behind the ground on which you are standing."

~ Swami Rama

Wise men only strengthen the faith

‘What is in this? A Christian comes, gives you a Bible and converts you into Christianity: a Mohamadan gives you a copy of the Quran and changes you into a
Mohamadan: a Hindu has his Gita for the same purpose.’
What a fund of wisdom.
‘Truth is one: all the scriptures expound this Truth though in different words.
What purpose can ever be served by these proselytisers?
They only change man’s
external cloak, a few of his habits.
Can they ever go near the Atman, the Eternal
Sakshi? Only dull-witted people engage themselves in such missions. Wise men
will only seek to strengthen the individual’s faith in his own religion.’

~ Inspired talks, Swami Sivananda

Make the circumstances you want

"People are always blaming their circumstances for what they are. I don't believe in circumstances. The people who get on in this world are the people who get up and look for the circumstances they want, and if they can't find them, they make them."

~ George Bernard Shaw

Different religions are like different medicines for different diseases

Different religions

Different religions are like different medicines for different diseases of people.

Every religion has some point of Truth in it.

But there cannot be a universally prescribed religious attitude for the whole of mankind, indiscriminately, in the same way as a common medicine cannot be prescribed for every kind of illness of everyone.

The variety in the prescription of medicines does not mean that the medical science itself is diverse in its inner constituents. The science of medicine is an indivisible, single system of treatment of human nature, though it manifests itself as a variety of medical prescriptions, due to the difference in the kinds of illness of people.

As the science is one and the medicines can be many, the background of religion is single, and in this sense we may say that there is only one religion, the religion of man in respect of the One God. Yet, we may say that there are many religions, as there are many medical prescriptions, all equally necessary and true in their own way, notwithstanding their internal difference.

~Swami Krishnanand

Happiness is the ultimate goal in life

 The goal

All your actions in this world, weather eating food, getting married, or having children, homes or friends, are an attempt to find happiness. But do they give you happiness? They offer the best of joys--- for a moment--- but they do not give you everlasting joy. You find their joy, and then return again to the same world of conflict, sadness sorrow, and worry. Human union gives you a joy that is only a glimpse, a foretaste of something higher, which is everlasting.

~ Swami Rama, Transcending desires and purifying the sanskaras, Art of Joyful living

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