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Overcoming FEAR, the procedure


In enjoyment, there is fear of disease; in social position, there is fear of falling off; in
wealth, there is the fear of (hostile) kings; in honour, there is the fear of humiliation; in power,
there is the fear of foes; in beauty, there is the fear of old age; in scriptural erudition, there is the
fear of opponents; in virtue, there is the fear of traducers; in body, there is the fear of death;
everything in this world pertaining to men is attended with fear; renunciation alone leads to
~ BHARTRIHARI (Vairagya-Shatakam)

The idea of some external superior power over one’s self is the
chief cause of fear.

Raga (attachment) is the long-standing associate of fear. Wherever there is Raga, there is
fear. Fear and Raga co-exist.

If there is no Raga, there is no fear. The first link in the chain of Raga is his attachment to his body. All kinds, of Raga start from this Raga to the physical body.


Sit for a while. Reflect well. Introspect. All imaginary fears will take to their heels.
They will dwindle into an airy nothing. Mind deceives you through imaginary fears. Learn to
discriminate, cogitate, reflect and meditate. Cultivate courage. Be a silent witness of the mind’s
menagerie. The mind will lurk like a thief. You will feel now that you were duped all these
years by this mischievous mind and that fear is a non-entity, a big zero.

One who is afraid of walking in darkness should try to get rid of this defect by taking a light in the beginning and walking in the night, and slowly trying to walk without light also. Fear will vanish in course of time. Fear is a negative force. It cannot stand before the positive virtue,

If you think of the opposite of fear, viz., courage, the negative (fear) will slowly vanish.

You will have to develop courage slowly. Have the word-image “OM COURAGE” before the mind. Repeat this Mantra or formula very often. A word is the centre of an idea. An idea is the centre of a mental image. A mental image is the centre of a mental habit. A mental habit is the centre of a trait in man.

Have a clear-cut image in the mind of the quality of courage, and this quality will develop. The  subconscious mind will do everything for you. The ‘will’ also will come to your aid. Desire to be courageous, and the ‘will’ will immediately follow desire.
Give up attachment or this perishable body. Do not identify yourself with this body. This body is like the shell of a coconut. It is like a pillowcase. Constantly think of the Indweller, the immortal Atman. Do Atma Chintana always. Identify yourself with the Atman. Fear will vanish. This is the most powerful method. Move about in the thick forests or dense jungles at nights and wander about in the streets of your place without light...

~ Sri Swami Sivananda

Methods of discipline

The person who is slave to physical comforts should gradually eliminate all that is superfluous and train himself to be content with bare necessities.

Anyone who finds it difficult to overcome physical lethargy and rise early in the morning should drag himself out of bed by sheer force of will.

One who is inclined to over-eating should by degrees reduce the quantity of his food

A person who has the habit of talking unnecessarily should practice stillness by persistent control of all useless motions.

Such practices not only increase our power of concentration and meditation, but do much to improve our bodily health and make us happier in every way. Also as we learn to meditate our outer being falls into rhythm.

~ Swami Paramananda

How to balance the heart and mind

Q: How does one make a balance between the heart and mind?

A: Yes. You do your business with your mind, and service with your heart. In both cases, there is a third component - intuition. Never be in the business with heart. With family, be with the heart, don't use your mind there. Do both with the gut feeling!

~ Sri Sri Ravishankar

How to handle criticism

Sri Sri Ravishankar Q: How do I handle criticism?
A:When someone criticises you, they are taking a risk. Who wants to take the risk of making enemies! When they are doing that, you appreciate them. Stand up to criticism. Also have the courage to criticise for their improvement. But if someone is criticising you out of jealousy, you smile, it is their problem.

~ Sri Sri Ravishankar

I see God

God everywhere

My God is in you. If I don’t adore God in you and then go to a temple, that’s all hypocrisy.

~ Swami Rama

Key to concentration

The practice of holding one subject is the key to concentration. Patanjali, the father of Yoga system, advocates this, and wherever we find its practical evidence, we find this method has been applied. It is one of the eternal principal in mental control.

~ Swami Paramananda

Regain creativity

To regain your passion, vitality, and creativity, the most essential step you can take is identifying, mobilizing, and releasing the emotional pain you have carried for so many years. You can begin by asking yourself, “What am I carrying with me from the past that is no longer serving me in the present?”

If you recognize that you are harboring unresolved emotional pain, misunderstandings, or toxic beliefs, set the intention to mobilize and release the congested energy. Once you let go of whatever isn’t serving you, you will naturally make choices that are nourishing and life-affirming.

When you release your emotional turbulence, the internal noise that has been preoccupying your mind will become quiet and you will be able to hear the music once again.

~ Dr David Simon

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