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Mira bai temple in Vrindavan

Meera Bai temple in Vrindavan is just off the crossroad which opens at Nidhivan on one side and faces Shah ji temple. As you face the entrance to the Shah ji temple, look to your left, a narrow lane by the temple's bounday wall marks the path to Mirabai temple. It is a simple structure in Rajasthani style architecture. The saligram shila deity is visible from the entrance of the temple itself. There is a patch of green plants in the aangan facing the Lord. Money plant and other ornamental greens surround a small water fountain that can be seen in operation in summer months here.

This is the place where Mira Bai stayed while she was in Vrindavan.

Meera Bai came to Vrindavana when Jiva Gosvami and Roop Goswami were there. She was born in Marwar, Jodhpur's village of Kudki, Rajasthan. Her father Samanta Ratan Singh gave her in marriage to prince Bhojraj, the eldest son of Maharana Samgram Singh of Chittor (Mewar, Rajasthan). Bhojraj died after four years. Bhojraj's brother Bikramjit Singh became the Rana of Chittor. He tried to stop Mira Bai's worship of Girdhar-Gopala (Krishna) and her dancing in ecstasy for Krishna. It is said that he tried to kill her by sending her a poisonous snake in a box. When Meera Bai opened the box she found a shalagrama-shila inside. This black shaligram shila is in this Mirabai temple in Vrindavan.

Pundit Jasraj sings Krishnashtakam


Shankaracharya penned the Sanskrit poem: Krishna-ashtak, eight verses describing Krishna in Vrindavan. It makes for delightful singing, with or without instrumental accompaniments. We have here Pandit Jasraj singing the same...More...

Pundit Jasraj - Om Namo Bhagwate Vasudevay


Pundit Jasraj singing Om Namo Bhagwate Vasudevaay...

Sanskrit Lyrics

Om Namo Bhagwate Vasudevay

Shriyah-karam Shriyonaatham, Shridharam Shri-vara-pradam,
ShriVatsalDharam Saumya, Tam vande Shri Sureshvaram,
Om Namo Bhagwate Vasudevay More...

Girija Devi sings - Ek din murali shyam bajai

This song by Girija Devi, to the accompaniment of Ronu Majumdar's flute is a musical interpretation of Krishna's pastimes in Vraj. The Venu geet, sung by Gopis in Srimad Bhagwat describes the response to Krishna's flute, from those who happen to hear it.
Ek din murali shyam bajai...

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