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Ayodhya- Peace and only Peace

Sri Sri Ayodhya Ram Mandir

It is incorrect to assess the statement made by Sri Sri as a threat. Suppose an elder of the house tells us that the weather outside it too hot, take an umbrella. It is just a sound advice and not a threat
The current Ayodhya Ram temple issue is an emotional issue. Whatever the court judgement comes out. It will be high emotions on both the sides, some will be overly happy some will be overly sad. And it would be very easy for some conflict mongers to use these emotions to their political advantage to create violence or a divide in society.
On the other side if the out of court settlement happens, which all the responsible people of the society are trying, it would be a win win situation for both the sides and ensure long term harmony between the two communities.
What is better for the nation?
More harmony for the whole population of the nation
Benefitting a few individuals whose existence depends on conflicts between people.
If little bit of our effort can bring harmony to the nation, we should definitely put in our effort.

राम जी के भईले जनमवा चलहौ करि आई दरसनवा A Sohar song from Ayodhya by Malini Awasthi

अवध में बाजे बधईया, कौसल्या के ललना भये

नौमी तिथि, अति सीत न घामा, कौसल्या के ललना भये

राम जी के भईले जनमवा, चलहौ करि आई दरसनवा

रानी कौसल्या पलना झुलावै, देखि के बिहसै बदलवा

चलहौ करि आई दरसनवा...

राम जी के भईले जनमवा, चलहौ करि आई दरसनवा

This is a beautiful traditional folk song from Ayodhya (Awadh) and Varanasi in India. It belongs to the category of songs called ‘Sohar’. They are sung to celebrate the birth of a child in the family. Srimati Malini Awasthi has sung this song for a TV show.

Multireligious, multicultural education is the solution – Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s ideas about how to settle the Ayodhya crisis. “Because that place does not hold any significance for Muslims, it only makes sense for them to give it, the most holiest place for Hindus, as a gift. Then there could have been such goodwill … and the Hindus can give them something back in return.” He thinks that Hindus and Muslims could come to an agreement instead of politicizing the issue further and burying it in lawsuits.

The fundamental problem, he thinks, is not with Muslims but “leftist minded and secular Hindus who are against the devoted Hindus … why won’t they respect the sentiments of millions of rural Indians, who may not be highly educated but have a deep faith in Rama’s birthplace.” He questions secularists, “if the situation was reversed and it was the birthplace of Mohammed shouldn’t it be given to the Muslims?” “Let those people who have faith … do their thing (otherwise) fanaticism will go on increasing and people will be … humiliated on this issue.” More...

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