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Summer camps for kids in Lucknow, May 2010

Art of Living Yes! Course for age group 14-18 years, starting at C-5, sector-B, Premalaya, Mahanagar, Lucknow from 18th to 23rd May, 2010.

Call Tanu Narain at 9335927004 to enroll.


A 1O day Art and craft Summer camp at Bishts, Indiranagar, lucknow.

Call Barila at 9335914058 to enroll.


Kolam rangoli design1

Kolam design

Why we make kolam rangoli?

Kolam is a great line drawing made daily in front of South Indian homes. Making a new kolam everyday is a wonderful creative endeavour. A kolam is to welcome the good energies into one’s home and life. A kolam is amde using one or more of the following:

Rice flour, chalk, rangoli powder, red earth (geru), yellow earth (ramraj), poster, acryllic or enamel paints.

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