Spring in Bangalore – Jacaranda

Spring in Bangalore is a mixed bag. Flowers everywhere, yes, correct. Roads are strewn with blue jacaranda, and plenty of un-knowable flowers. Unknowable because I don't know their names :-)

That was the good part. Now for the scorching days and cool nights, one never knows when to keep warm and when to shed the socks, sweater et al. Now that takes a toll on health. Sudden changes usually do that.

The taxonomic status of the Blue Jacaranda is unsettled.  The older name, Jacaranda acutifolia or Jacaranda mimosifolia? Taxonomists distinguish the two species by geography: Jacaranda acutifolia is endemic to Peru, while Jacaranda mimosifolia is native to Bolivia and Argentina.

The Blue Jacaranda is also known as Jacaranda chelonia and Jacaranda ovalifolia. The Blue Jacaranda belongs to the section Monolobos of the genus Jacaranda.

Well, thanks South America for sending this tree to India. And we have none less than eminent writer Ruskin Bond who returned to India from his stint abroad just to be one with blue jacarandas, red gulmohars, yellow amaltas, and his homeland India.  

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