Richard Bach, Illusions, quote 4

If God spoke directly to your face and said, ‘I command that you be happy in the world as long as you live,’ what would you do then?

21 January, 2012

Richard Bach, Illusions, quote 3

Yellow chrysanthemum at National Botanical Research Institute, Lucknow, India

We magnetise into our lives whatever we hold in our thought, for instance – if that is true, then somehow I have brought myself to this moment for a reason and so have you. Perhaps it is no coincidence that you are holding this book; perhaps

21 January, 2012

Richard Bach, Illusions, quote 2

I do not enjoy writing at all. If I can turn my back on an idea, out there in the dark, if I can avoid opening the door to it, I won’t even reach for a pencil. But once in a while there’s a great dynamite burst of flying glass and brick and

21 January, 2012

Richard Bach, Illusions, quote 1

What if someone came along who could teach me how my world works and how to control it? What if a Siddharth or a Jesus came into our time, with power over the illusions of the world because he knew the reality behind them? And what if I could meet

21 January, 2012

Rajhans, Great Indian Hornbill