Peacocks, Birdwatching for Urban birds in Lucknow, India

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I clicked this picture from my balcony in Lucknow, last winter. Peacocks and peahens don’t mind our home in the dense green surroundings. They sit on my rooftop at times, and even come to feed on the roti served for birds that are more frequent

02 November, 2014

Birds of North and South India

Black rumped flameback in Chennai, India

In an age of so much inconsequential tweeting, it’s worth recalling the advice of yogis: Sit still, they say, so still that a bird can land on your head. From the cold lakes of the Himalayas to the sand dunes of western Rajasthan to the

25 January, 2011

White cheeked barbet, Lucknow, North India

White cheeked barbet in India

The white cheeked barbet is a common bird in my garden in Lucknow, North India. In this picture it is eating berries of giloi herb. It also see it enjoying figs, and the banyan tree fruit.

22 August, 2010

White breasted kingfisher, India

White breasted kingfisher in Lucknow, North India, Uttar Pradesh

Yesterday, I saw 5 white breasted kingfishers on my neighbour’s roof! It is a commonly sighted bird in Lucknow’s green areas.

19 June, 2010

Sarus crane counting drive in Uttar Pradesh on 20 June 2010

Sarus crane pair seen and photographed by Rohit near IITK

Out of the total number of 10,000 Grus Antigone, Indian Saras, Demosil Crane and Common Crane, nearly 2,500 of them are said to be nesting in and around Etawah and nearly 1,000 in Mainpuri district besides a good number of Sarus birds have also been

18 June, 2010

Rajhans, Great Indian Hornbill

Horn bill

Arunachal Pradesh is home to the great Indian Hornbill. It is the state bird of Arunachal Pradesh. The white winged wood duck, a rare endangered species, has been sheltered in Namdapha National Park.

18 August, 2009

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