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Wine facials - simply good

Wine facials in Jaipur

Wine spas, including Ayurvedic ones have been around for some time. In India, wine facials are now becoming popular in Jaipur. Says a Jaipur beautician, Sunita Padwa that, wines are a blessing for the skin as they come loaded with essential vitamins and anti-oxidants that deep cleanse, tone the skin, improve the texture and also help lift up tan while removing the dead cells. They smell good too.

This is why indigenous wines, made from saunf (fennel seeds), kesar (saffron), strawberry, cardamom, rose and orange are fast finding their way into beauty salons.

Beauty expert Sabeljeet Singh says that, wine facials using a purely herbal base give a glow to the skin and cure infections. They bring out clear, unblemished skin that has a pink tinge to it. Singh mixes almond for dry skin and aloe vera for oily and acne prone skin while giving the massage. This enhances the skin softening properties of the wine multifold.

Gape wine contains polyphenols, a very effective anti-oxidant and resveratrol that fight against free radicals, bacteria and fungi, shares Sabeljeet.

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