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Why mothers’ need to control their anger

When a mother genuinely angry, administers the blows and billows of anger on her children, the children also get angry, but are unable to react or protest effectively. Besides discipline imposed by fear has only a marginal chance of becoming a good acquired habit, because of the coexistence of suppressed, but developing animosity in the hearts of children. The result is that their anger goes under-ground  in their minds and lies in wait, manufacturing animosity of different kinds in their psyche.

When the animosity will suddenly explode, as it must, one day, she, who had not learnt to overcome her anger, and is now also unable to use her wonted anger-therapy on her grown up children, would find herself to be very unhappy and frustrated person. And, to be sure, she has herself contributed to this situation! It is to be pondered over weather or not the permanent benefit of filial love should be sacrificed for a temporary advantage.

But the situation would be entirely different if the mother practices anger-therapy on her children after learning how to overcome her own anger. In that case she would be only hissing like the cobra of Sri Ramkrishna’s parable, and not biting. [Note: the reference is to the story of the Brahamchari and the Cobra in the Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna]

Creative utilization of anger is impossible for a person who has not learnt how to overcome his anger.

Excerpt from How to overcome anger  ~Swami Paramananda

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