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Walking on the path of Truth, Swami Rama

IGP5324The path of Truth is narrower than the needle’s eye and as sharp as a razor’s edge.

When you start expanding your consciousness, you will come to know that on the path of spirituality there is always guidance from the unknown. We have come from the unknown and we will return to the unknown.

We remain in the known for only a short time, but the unknown is always with us. Therefore, we should rely on the unknown. If we are treading the path of light, and if by chance, by mistake, by ignorance, or even by bad habit, we commit mistakes, we will return to the path again, because of the guidance from the unknown.

When you study you will find many paths and many ways and methods. All roads lead to only one goal. If you practice and learn to follow one path for a few days, and after some time follow another path, and then after a month follow another one, that is not going to help you.

When you are searching and seeking, you should be doing it honestly with your full strength—not halfheartedly.

If your dearest one stands in the way of Self-realization, tread over him, forsake him, go beyond. If your beloved stands in the way of Self-realization, cast her aside. Your trusted friend is Truth and Truth alone.

~ Swami Rama

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