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Using emotions for spiritual gains

Emotion is power; it is neither good nor bad. It is important to know how to use that power.

First we must learn not to create any divisions of positive and negative. Second, let us look upon others in the same way that we look upon ourselves. Let us not force others to be like us. Third, we must learn to 'divinise' our emotions.

Emotions bind us, but if divinised, they can elevate us. Attachment for objects or sense pleasures binds us. On the other hand, attachment for higher ideals or for wise people who represent those ideals, leads to spiritual fulfilment. Here, there is no bondage. The wise master loves us without attachment and also helps us realise our true Self.

The desires we have can be divinised by turning them to God with prayer. Scriptures teach us to divinise all aspects of life. We are enjoined to look on our parents and teachers as God and to see the same divinity in all elders and guests. With such an attitude, we slowly change from within. The Narada Bhakti Sutra says that if we must have desire let it be desire for God. If we have to get angry then it is better to get angry with God. Express all emotions to Him, pray to Him and He will liberate you. If there is greed, transform it to greed for the name of the Lord. Instead of counting your money begin to count the name of the Lord. This is divinisation of emotions. Devotional desire will uplift you.

~Swami Tejomayananda (Chinmaya Mission)

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