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Mhara ghat maa viraajataa Shrinathji – a Gujarati bhajan from Pushti Sampraday

This is a Gujarati bhajan, invoking the presence of Shrinath ji (Krishna) in one’s  life. Realising the grace and presence of the Lord and surrendering to the beloved through Bhakti-yoga.

It is a popular song in the Vaishnav Pushti Sampradaay, which was established by Mahaprabhu Vallabhacharaya about 500 years ago.

The chief deity of Pushtimarg is Shri Govardhan Nath ji (the name is shortened to Shrinathji or Shriji, with love). Shri Govardhan Nath ji was found by Vallabhcharya ji at Govardhan Hill, near Vrindavan (district Mathura), and moved to Nathdwara in Rajasthan some years later.

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