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Mantra for life

Mantras have long been used for multifarious purposes. They work on the subtle energies and create a positive consciousness. Like all good things, there is potential for abuse here as well. If used in tantra, especially the kind practiced in Bengal, there are also mantras to remove an enemy or attract a person, etc. Scary, but reports of efficacy are as varied as there are people who have been given these so called 'powerful mantras' to direct their lives as per their will. Understandably, it is the easiest way to exhort money or following from desparate people, who don't know any better.

Used in the positive sense, Mantras help us immensely. This is experiential wisdom :-) 

Mantras are like seeds. A seed holds the entire tree within it in potential form. If you sow the seed, it sprouts and matures into a full-grown tree on its own accord in due course. The seed and the tree are one and the same -- they exist as one packet of energy. 

The Gayatri mantra itself has several effects on health and spiritual healing. It is the most popular mantra. The mantra 'Om', of course is the most recognized of the mantras.

Whether using mantra for material creation or spiritual liberation, mantra works in a very special way. Mantra holds together mind and matter, word and object, cause and effect. Mantra collects the attentional energy of the mind, which is typically scattered across hundreds of disparate thoughts, and focuses it so intensely on the object at hand that all duality between subject and object dissolves.

Considering the power inherent in mantras, traditional practice in India pertaining to mantras is that it is given by a person who has used the mantra and witnessed its power.

Mantra is a divine tool for manifesting our deepest desires. The creative power of the "Word" is an ancient notion. In Genesis, the scriptures say, "God said: let there be Light and there was Light." God speaks and things appear. In the Hebrew scriptures, the divine "Word" is also conceived as having creative powers. The entire manifest universe springs forth from the Word of God.

Shabda-brahma it is called. God manifest as sound.

Mantra can fundamentally restructure and elevate our consciousness. The mind is made up of sound - sound in the form of language and meaning. Each mind has a conscious and unconscious sound pattern. According to the ancient yogis, if you want to change your mind, change the sounds in your consciousness. You become as you think. By frequently thinking about the Divine, you become divine. By changing the sounds within the system, you can free yourself from limiting patterns of mind. Ultimately, mantra is a tool of one's own liberation.

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