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Inner Transformation through truth, tradition, technology, trade…

Sri Sri Ravishankar Bangalore is called the IT city. IT, I say, stands for the city of inner transformation. You need transformation in society, in technology, in our outlook and in our environment.

There are three aspects required for transformation - perception, observation and expression.

There are four Ts that have to be reviewed and renewed again and again - truth, tradition, technology and trade. They have to be renewed again and again. You all know about technology, but I am talking of the experience of reality. Buddha gave one technology - how to control your mind.

He refused to answer irrelevant questions - among them on God. He said, ‘I will not talk to you about that which you think you know. I will talk only about that which you don't know.’ He did not even say that which you don't know. He said that which you are not aware of.

He said, ‘There is sorrow, there is a cause for sorrow and there is a way to get rid of sorrow.’ Few
thousand years later, this became a concept too. Then Adi Shanakara came and renewed the knowledge.

Time and again, this renewal is necessary.

~ Sri Sri Ravishankar

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