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I excel I lead workshop for Entrepreneurs at Art of Living International center Bangalore

i excel i lead art of living for entrepreneurs at bangalore

“Deep rest and dynamic activity are complementary. How can you be dynamically active if you have not given deep rest to your mind and body?”

–Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

A good leader is one who walks his talk and practices excellence in every activity. This can only stem from a calm and serene space from within.

The Art of Living Program for Excellence at Workplace aimed to enable the Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises sector (MSME) brings “I Excel, I Lead” – a program for the leaders and entrepreneurs of the MSME Sector.

The program includes

· Insights from H.H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

· Practice of yoga, pranayama & sudarshan kriya

· Tenets to excel and lead in life

· Networking opportunity, panel discussions and interactive sessions by subject matter experts from the industry.

Eligibility: Entrepreneurs & The Top Management from Micro, Small or Medium Enterprises

Date: 6th -8th December, 2013

Venue: The Art of Living International Centre, Bangalore.

Click here for: Brochure, Registration

Contact:  Madhubala Nandasamy +91 98806 44152 I Reshma Namshivayam +91 96635 46699 I Urvashi Vakharia: +91 97429 74319

E-Mail: Website: Excellence at Workplace

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