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How to know whether the person is enlightened.

How to know whether a person is enlightened?

If you want an honest answer, I can tell one thing. You can never find logically. If somebody is enlightened, when you see him, simply something will happen inside your heart; beyond your intellect. Your whole heart will fall in tune with him. Simply you will not be able to forget him. You’ll be pulled, your whole being will be attracted. Your whole being will be automatically filled by him.

You will not know what is happening to you. You yourself will not be able to understand, analyze logically. You’ll just be waiting, ‘When can I see him next?’ Simply your heart will fall in love.

I can say, with masters you raise in love. With ordinary people you fall in love. With masters you raise in love. Simply something will happen in your space!

Beyond your control, beyond your logic, your heart knows, ‘He is enlightened.’ Simply, you can’t say no to him!

Be very clear, if that happens, that person is going to help you. That person is going to show you the light. That person is your master.

If that doesn’t happen, don’t bother; continue the search, you will meet the right person. Continue your search, you’ll meet the right person. Don’t bother who is enlightened, who is not enlightened; intellectually you cannot find out.

If somebody is going to help you, simply your heart will fall in tune with you. If it falls in tune with him, even if he is not enlightened, he will help you. You will be helped by him.

If your heart has not fallen in tune, even if he is enlightened, he is not for you. Forget about him.

So, you don’t have to use your head at all. Just relax. Your heart knows how to show you the right path. How to guide you in the right path, your heart is the judge which will guide you automatically at the right time, in the right moment towards the right person.

~ Swami Nithyananda

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