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Guide map to meditation – Swami Rama

You really do not need to know many things, but you definitely need to practice what you know.

—The Art of Joyful Living, pp. 47

“The point is that you don’t need much external information;
you already have true knowledge within.
You need to learn how to apply the knowledge that you have.
You are taught: “Be good, be nice, be gentle, be loving.”
You have all been taught that, but you should learn
to practice, understand, and to apply that knowledge to yourself.
You need to understand how you function,
and the process that results in your actions.”

“There is only one real book to study and learn from—
the greatest of all books—
and that is the very manuscript that you, yourself, are.”

“The best and deepest of the teachings
is not communicated through books, speech or actions, but through silence.
That special teaching is understood only when you are silent.”

“Above all else, remember this one thing:
It is easy to meet that Infinity within you—
to attain that awareness, you just have to be silent and quiet.”

~ Swami Rama

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