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DSN in Central Delhi

Art of Living, Central Delhi Chapter invites you,

to experience a New "YOU" through a Powerful Course


- Do Something Now (Spontaneously living in the present moment)

With Enthusiasm & Dynamism Manifested,

Special International Teacher,Our beloved :


About the Course

DSN (Divya Samaj Nirman) is a unique program for Creating a Divine Society.

It trains YOU, to break boundaries of the mind and enables YOU, to go beyond Yourself.

It brings about a natural spontaneity in YOUR life,which helps YOU to stay focused in the present moment,

irrespective of the nature of the situation.

DSN makes YOU

  • More Confident
  • More Stronger
  • More Responsible
  • More Committed
  • More Disciplined

DSN Experience

  • Total freedom
  • Real Energy
  • A perfect channel for the grace to flow through
  • Devotion and Love
  • Real Strength - Nothing in this world can shake you
  • Loss of Fear & Ego
  • Natural spontaneity in action
  • Breaking through old habits, emotional wounds and barriers of all kinds
  • Makes one daring to be different in all avenues of life


Many thousands world wide have been benefitted by the DSN program. This is a program which will train oneself to be "Always a part of the solution" rather than from being "Part of the problem" whenever problems are encountered in life.

"The programs, the processes, the homework, all shattered or dissolved what I perceived were my limitations" - Bill Hayden, NASA Engineer.

"Do Something NOW (DSN) provided the tools I need to enhance my awareness, consciousness and love that quiets my inner voices of worry and fear" – Susan, A participant.

DSN COURSE will lead you to a higher VISION!!!!!!!!!!!!

Course Dates

29th November to 1st December, 2013

Reporting 28th November 2013 , at 6.00 pm sharp.


Acharya Sushil Muni Ashram (Ahimsa Bhawan)

Main Shankar Road, Rajinder Nagar, New Delhi.


Neena - 9810013177 

Sadhana - 9013609333

Rajeev Khatter - 9871796701 

Laxmi - 9868853297

Ruchi - 9312953434

Please note:

Remember to REGISTER by 10th NOV....,For Early Bird Offer.


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