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Can you imagine the strength of that mind?

Raja Yoga Sutra [from Chapter I: "Samadhi Pada- On Contemplations"]


Verbal delusion is caused by the identification with words that have no basis in reality.

Can you imagine the strength of that mind?

Commentary: A great Hindu holy man was once insulted in front of his disciples by a non-believer who spat upon his face several times. Not one muscle twitched, nor did his calm facial expression change, because he did not identify with his physical sheath. His mind was centered in God. Can you imagine the strength of that mind?

Swami Sivananda prostrated before that man who tried to kill him, and Jesus forgave those who crucified him. No matter what was done to them, they responded with one thought, that of pure love. A true master will not react in anger, for to him insult and praise are the same.

Restraint of thought waves does not mean suppression.Suppression dams up violent emotions. For various reasons, people suffer abuse, suppressing anger or pain by smiling and carrying a stiff upper lip. The restrained thought waves must be given an outlet.

They must be sublimated and channelled into such uplifting activities as Mantra repetition, exercise, singing and meditation on opposite,positive thoughts. Exchange love for anger and joy for sorrow.

~Swami Vishnu-Devananda

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