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Art of Living Advanced meditation course at Vrindavan, 1-4 April, 2010

Special features will be:

  • Parikramas are planned in select areas like Nandgaon, Vrindavan and Govardhan
  • Knowledge from Yoga Vasishta each day by Shri. Arunji
  • Satsangs with him - Govinda Nama sankirtan
  • Special Q&A session with Swami Swatantrananda at his Ashram
  • Sookshmavyayam sessions each day to enrich the overall experience.

You may choose to schedule your departure for the afternoon of 4th April, 2010.
As there is a ceiling on enrolment, please advise your participation to the following mobile
numbers or email ids.
Sri Sunder +91-9443702251, E-mail:
Sri Ravvi +91- 9444904644, E-mail:

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