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Access creative genius with a quiet mind

Slence ur mindYour mind has a natural ability to be quiet. When it becomes quiet, you are in touch with your genius.

Albert Einstein said the ideas that led him to the theory of relativity came during moments of quiet reflection. Mozart heard sonatas and symphonies resonating through the silent reaches of his mind. All he had to do was write them down. We know that Isaac Newton came up with laws of motion and gravity while relaxing under an apple tree. Whether he actually got hit in the head by that apple or not, no one knows, but there is no doubt that his quiet mind yielded a treasure of knowledge.

We could cite more examples, but you get the point. Silent mind has great creativity. But this is not all. Silent mind is peaceful, blissful and healthy, and radiates these qualities out through the person to the surroundings.

People who know how to cultivate quiet mind not only are in touch with their inner creativity, they also radiate a youthfulness and optimism that effects everyone nearby. They have "good vibrations."

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