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Longing and Love (a story from Srimad Bhagwatam, shared by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar)

It happened 5000 yrs ago, when Lord Krishna sent Uddhava, who was his close associate and a very wise man with so much of wisdom of many techniques and meditation to the place of gopis and gopas, who were full of devotion, always singing and dancing. So, he went to give them some wisdom, to talk about liberation, but none of them were interested in listening to that. They all said, “no, tell us some story about Lord Krishna, tell us what is happening in Dwarka, where he is. We don’t want to hear all this wisdom, etc. you can keep that to yourself. But tell us what news you have of Lord Krishna? Come let’s sing and dance. We have heard enough of wisdom, now is the celebration time.

We have longing and love, and nothing else. We don’t care for the wisdom, we are happy with longing and we are happy with love. The gopis were being offered the highest wisdom by Uddhava, but all they wanted to do was to sing and dance in their love for Lord Krishna.

See how love makes you crazy! But it is good to be crazy, at least sometimes in life. That’s when all the boundaries drop; you feel one with everyone around, and one with the whole universe-and that’s called- ‘Guru tattva’.

Highlights of Satsang with Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji at Bangalore Ashram 8th of March 2013.

What is a sin and what is a benevolent action?

An action that hurts others and oneself is a sin. An action that benefits others and ourselves is benevolence.

Can spirituality cure poverty?

Definitely. Spirituality brings a balance to the mind and brings great strength to us to do stuff.  Spirituality also grants the intuition of where to put the effort. Many dig for water where it is dry. Spirituality gives correct direction for your effort.  Removing the veil of ignorance spread over the mind is the same as waking the sleeping Divinity within oneself.

How should our speech be?

There is a lovely kannada song about this... Sri Sri sang it and translated to hindi... This is my translation of the hindi.  When you speak, it should be like a string of softly sparkling pearls. Clean and bright.  Your words should be clear as crystal, lucid and brilliant. Lord Shiva Himself should nod away in agreement with your words... Your speech should be so convincing and confident.

If Guru is there, is there any need for Pooja, astrology etc?

If the faith in the Guru is unshakable, unbreakable then no need for anything else. But a little bit of all this is always nice. Just a pinch of it. And anyways all this has no charm or strength when Guru is missing.

What's the point of all this creation, universes, life, etc?

What's the point of cricket?  Throwing a ball, hitting it, running after it... “For a bit of fun” - answered the questioner. Exactly. The vast infinite Divinity wanted to have a bit of fun. That's why this is called a Leela - a play. While you are in it... Simply enjoy it.

What's the significance of taking a sankalpa?

Sankalpa is taking the consciousness to the infinite universe. And then bringing it to the present, and make some special wish for oneself or family or friends.
Anyways in a Yagya, just being here, doing some service for others you become part of it and gain tremendous merit.
But if you want to take some special part in it, be part of a few of the rituals, then this provision is also made in the form of a sankalpa.

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