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Significance of Kumbh – Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Q. What is the significance of Kumbh?

A. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Ganga is symbol of knowledge and Yamuna symbolizes love.

Prayag where Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati meet, is the unity of love and knowledge.

Where love and knowledge meet, celebration happens.

Kumbh means the coming together of saints, scholars and katha vachaks. They discuss and meditate with the sankalpa that let all the people benefit. People needn’t go to all the places. They can come to one place. The concept of mela started in India. Nowadays we call it expo. There are expos for motors, books, clothes, to present all the products in one place.So also, all the saints congregate in a place once in 12 years. In those days transport facilities were so extensive and traveling would take so much time. Kumbh provided an opportunity for people for dialogue and exchange of knowledge.

If you see it from planetary perspective, when Jupiter enters Aquarius, Kumbh happens.By bathing in the Ganges the chitta (consciousness) becomes happy. The sins are washed away. It's so beautiful. The sins are so superficial that just by a dip in the Ganges they can be washed away. The ever-pure consciousness can never be dirtied.


Green travel in India

Travelling ethically on a land mass as vast as the Indian subcontinent has been made so much easier with the recent creation of the Green Circuit (the Five local tour operators in India and Nepal, all specialists in deep-rooted community-based responsible-tourism initiatives, have collaborated to provide a wide range of natural and cultural heritage trips. From the Blue Yonder, in Kerala (theblue, to Social Tours, in Nepal (, experiences vary greatly, including a yak safari into the trans-Himalayan deserts, monitoring elephant-migration corridors in eastern Himalaya and learning traditional drumming with villagers living along Kerala’s River Nila.

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Ruskin Bond’s 75th birthday in Mussourie, 19 May 2009

Ruskin Bond

Today. the 19th of May, 2009, Ruskin Bond's 75th Birthday was celebrated in Mussoorie, by M/s. Cambridge Book Depot, The Mall, Mussoorie. Don't worry, even I couldn't make it to the Book store, owned by an old friend of mine, Sunil Arora, due to bad weather and untimely rain!!

~ Pamposh Panwar

[Ruskin Bond, a prolific writer is a celebrated resident of Mussoorie, India. I just finished reading his book ‘Funny Side Up’, published by Rupa.

His book ‘A Garland of Memories’ was my introduction to him when I was 11. I love his writing style even now. A child’s paradise!

~ Anisha Sharma]

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