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Darshan timings for Sri Banke Bihari temple, Vrindavan

Summer timings (Begin 2 days after Holi)

Morning Darshan: 7.55-11.55 am

Sringar Arti: 7.55 am

Raj Bhog Arti: 11.55 am

Evening Darshan: 5.30-9.30 pm

Shayan Bhog Arti: 9.30 pm

Winter timings (Begin from Yam dwitiya/Bhai Dooj festival, 2 days after Diwali)

Morning Darshan: 8.55-12.55 am

Sringar Arti: 8.55 am

Raj Bhog Arti: 12.55 am

Evening Darshan: 4.30-8.30 pm

Shayan Bhog Arti: 8.30 pm

A japi hat handicraft from Assam

Japi hat, Assam

This picture was taken at a hotel in Jorhat, Upper Assam. The woven hat is embellished with Japi work.

Assamese gold jewellery in Japi style is another piece of art from this part of the country.

And not to miss the three kinds of handmade silk popular with locals: Pat, Eri and Mooga. Eri is the only traditionally vegetarian silk or ahinsa silk. Eri silk is crafted by tribals in Kerala too. Mooga is a natural golden silk which improves with age, and is family legacy.

Radha Krishna aarti video and lyrics from Rangeeli Mahal, Barsana

आरती प्रीतम प्यारी की, कि बनवारी नथवारी की

दुहुन सिर कनक मुकुट छलके

दुहुन श्रुति कुण्डल भल हलके

दुहुन दृग प्रेम सुधा छलके

चसीले बैन, रसीले नैन, गसीले सैन

दुहुन मैनन मनहारी की

कि बनवारी नथवारी की

आरती प्रीतम प्यारी की, कि बनवारी नथवारी की

दुहुनि दृग चितवनि पर वारी

दुहुनि लट लटिकनि छवि न्यारी

दुहुनि भौं मटकनि अति प्यारी

रसन मुख पान, हंसन मुस्कान, दसन दमकान

दुहुनि बेसर छवि न्यारी की

कि बनवारी नथवारी की

आरती प्रीतम प्यारी की, कि बनवारी नथवारी की

एक उर पीतांबर फहरे, एक उर नीलांबर लहरे

दुहुन उर लर मोतिन छहरे

कनकानन कनक, किंकिनी झनक, नुपुरन भनक

दुहुन रुन झुन धुनि प्यारी की

कि बनवारी नथवारी की

आरती प्रीतम प्यारी की, कि बनवारी नथवारी की

एक सिर मोर मुकुट राजे

एक सिर चूनर छवि साजे

दुहुन सिर तिरछे भल भ्राजे

संग ब्रजबाल, लाडली लाल, बांह गल डाल

‘कृपालु’ दुहुन दृग चारि की

कि बनवारी नथवारी की

आरती प्रीतम प्यारी की, कि बनवारी नथवारी की

Gulab Jamuns at Maigalganj

Maigalganj is a small town which is located on the highway between Lucknow and Sitapur. There are rows of shops on either side of this mandatory stoppage, but it is the Gulab Jamuns that claim fame for this small town. It is almost sacrilegioius to pass by Maigalganj without tasting these hot, soft and yet crispy on the outside, Gulab Jamuns. I ate 3 in one go! 

The Gulab Jamun is an Indian dessert made of thickened milk (Khoya) and fine all purpose flour (Maida). The two are kneaded well with a bit of water, made into balls and deep fried (preferably in clarified butter or pure ghee) and allowed to soak in a sugar syrup. Gulab Jamuns taste best when fresh and piping hot, and are a favourite street food in North India.

The company of pure souls

Indian flag

You see, in my travels throughout India all these years, I have come across many a great soul, many a heart overflowing with loving kindness, sitting at whose feet I used to feel a mighty current of strength coursing into my heart, and the words I speak to you are only through the force of that current gained by coming in contact with them.

~ Swami Vivekananda (Vivekananda speaks to you)

Sri Banke Bihari ji ke sawaiya, 29 of 144, Maharaas in Vrindavan


मण्डल रास बिलास महा रसमण्डल श्री वृषभान दुलारी।

पंडित कोक चला गुण मण्डित कोटिक राजत गोपकुमारी॥

प्रीतम के भुज दण्ड में शोभित संग में अंग अनंगन वारी।

तान तरंगन रंग बढ़्यो, ऐसे राधिका माधव की बलिहारी॥

God is always in union (Maharaas) with creation, though we don’t always realize it. This sawaiya verse by a Braj poet, depicts the episode when God came as Sri Radha and Krishna - to love and be loved.

Gopis of Vrindavan had prayed to Ma Katyayani on the banks of River Yamuna (Yamuna ji is also Krishna’s wife and she is a symbol of love, a giver of devotion to Krishna.) The prayer was to have Krishna as their master/caretaker/husband. God is already everyone’s caretaker and master. More...

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